Design Services
Design Services

At the Window Scene, window treatments are our business, but they are most definitely not all we do. Dawn McLaughlin, owner of the Window Scene, has more than 25 years experience as an interior designer and master seamstress. Her in-depth knowledge and expertise has resulted in an extensive client base and successful projects with many homeowners and businesses in the Metro West and Boston areas. At the Window Scene we strive to stay on the cutting edge of today's design trends. We are always looking for the latest and greatest designs to expand our repertoire so your next project reflects your personal style and makes your house a home.

Why should you hire a designer?

A good designer considers everything about the space - its colors, proportions, angles. She strives to bring out the very best in a room, no matter its limits - to make dark corners brighter, low ceilings higher, room to appear wider.

These are all important things, but at The Window Scene we want to stretch the term “interior designer” to something new.

Most designers in the industry have a signature look . A “look” is a bit like a calling card - and often, a designer's goal is to fit that aesthetic into your home. In other words, the process is about giving your lifestyle their look.

Well, not at The Window Scene. Our design team's job is to do just the opposite. We like to start by thinking of ways we can work with you to build a look that fits your lifestyle, needs, unique personality, and most of all your budget.

Do you work in a high-stress job? Let's work on creating a calm, tranquil sanctuary for you to come home to when the day is done. Do you love to cook? Then we should focus on making the most of your kitchen and dining areas. We don't work on commission like other designers. We work at reasonable rates and do whatever it takes to bring your ideas to life.

We want our clients to think of The Window Scene as guides into the world of design. We're here to work by your side, listen to your ideas, and bring your home to life. Good design makes your home a place of happiness - so above all, we want to help you transform your space into one you genuinely love. Its your home , so lets design it!